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Mid-Term Inspection Report

The Mid-term report, or the Interim report, is conducted half-way through the tenancy, to ensure the owner of the property kept aware of the current state of the property. The report helps to identify or highlight maintenance issues or forecast any potential problems such as anti-social behaviour, unauthorised occupation, pets and smoking as well.

Mid-term reports are also known as routine inspections, are crucial and recommended after a new tenant is granted the tenancy of the property. At Zeesam, we can do regular checks, monthly, every three months, six months or yearly.

As per requirement during the inspections, our inventory agents will wear shoe covers, take brief notes and photographs. The agent will perform the following:

  • Complete a short survey on the state of the property.
  • Photograph each room.
  • Test alarms – battery expiry check, and alarm functionality.
  • Investigate any maintenance issues 

The property should be clean and tidy for the inspection. Tenants should inform the owner of the property immediately should any maintenance issues occur. 

The inventory agent will capture images of the property from the inside, more detailed photos will be taken to highlight any issue that needs attention. The purpose of the Interim or Mid-term Inventory Report is to make sure everything is in accordance with the tenancy agreement. That there is no evidence of sub-letting the property, or any misconduct. 

Routine inspections are carried to guarantee that the property is taken care of and to make sure there no maintenance issues or health and safety issues.