Legionella Risk Assessment

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Legionella Risk Assessment Guidance for Landlords & Business Owners


Legionella bacteria can cause serious pneumonia (severe lung infection) known as Legionnaires’ disease, as well as Pontiac fever.

Legionella is naturally found in freshwater streams or lakes. It becomes hazardous when it grows and spreads in water systems such as:

  • Water tanks and heaters
  • Plumbing systems
  • Hot tub stagnant water
  • Showerheads, faucets
  • Fountains 

Legionella bacteria can cause severe health conditions.

The risk assessment points out potential risks and the steps that should be taken to reduce any bacteria.

Legionella is preventable, the situation can be kept under control through managing the risks. 

Homeowners obligation to legionella risk assessment 

Homeowners must carry out risk assessments, landlords are required to prove they have risk assessed their property and are controlling the avoidable risks.

Is a risk assessment for legionella required?

The UK health and safety law mandates that homeowners and property managers are legally required to complete a legionella risk assessment on all rental properties.

Risk Assessment is the most effective way to solve the problem. 

Legionella Risk Assessment for Property Managers and Landlords

Typically, a simple risk assessment can be conducted for a single residence by the landlord or property manager, nothing further is required. However, if the landlord owns multiple properties or commercial property, the situation becomes complex and therefore better to hire a professional.