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Property Inventory Services for Landlords, Tenants and Managing Agents

Inventory Report

Inventory, in terms of tenancy agreements, represents the record of a property’s contents at the beginning of the tenancy. It includes the following:


  • The rooms, furniture, and fittings, of the rented property.
  • Meter readings, which can later be used to set up accounts for available utilities.
  • Evidence in the form of photographs, to support the initially documented content.
  • The Inventory Service is performed by a clerk who is given complete access to the property prior to the tenants moving in.

Inventory Check-In Report

Another step can be taken as part of the inventory check-in to ensure that there will be no chance of disputes between two parties. This service is required when the new tenants are about to move in. The surveyor will come to the address and go through the contents along with the tenants, documenting the whole inventory. Including the state of the property in terms of cleanliness and hygiene. The check-in report will include thorough information about the state of the property’s contents/inventory before the tenants move in. The following are the service you can expect from the Check-in Inventory Services.


  • Lists details that might not have been listed previously in the Inventory documentation.
  • Meter Readings are verified in case the check-in is not done on the same day as Inventory Documentation.
  • The Tenant receives the property pictures.
  • The Keys are handed to the Tenant.

Mid-Term Inspection Report

The Mid-term report, or the Interim report, is conducted half-way through the tenancy, to ensure the owner of the property kept aware of the current state of the property. The report helps to identify or highlight maintenance issues or forecast any potential problems such as anti-social behaviour, unauthorised occupation, pets and smoking as well.

Mid-term reports are also known as routine inspections, are crucial and recommended after a new tenant is granted the tenancy of the property. At Zeesam, we can do regular checks, monthly, every three months, six months or yearly.

As per requirement during the inspections, our inventory agents will wear shoe covers, take brief notes and photographs. The agent will perform the following:

  • Complete a short survey on the state of the property.
  • Photograph each room.
  • Test alarms – battery expiry check, and alarm functionality.
  • Investigate any maintenance issues 

The property should be clean and tidy for the inspection. Tenants should inform the owner of the property immediately should any maintenance issues occur. 

The inventory agent will capture images of the property from the inside, more detailed photos will be taken to highlight any issue that needs attention. The purpose of the Interim or Mid-term Inventory Report is to make sure everything is in accordance with the tenancy agreement. That there is no evidence of sub-letting the property, or any misconduct. 

Routine inspections are carried to guarantee that the property is taken care of and to make sure there no maintenance issues or health and safety issues.

Inventory Check Out

When the tenants are about to move out, an Inventory Check-out Report can be scheduled. This report covers detailed information about the state of the rooms, items included in the inventory, and fixtures. Images are included. The report offers clear evidence of any property damage sustained during the period of the tenancy. The agent then carefully compares the previous and current condition of the rental.

The Inventory Check-out Report includes:

  • Meter Readings 
  • Maintenance and cleaning issues.
  • Missing items from the inventory (this can only be verified if the check-in report is present for comparison)
  • Keys to the property
  • Tenants forwarding address