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Inventory Check-In Report

Another step can be taken as part of the inventory check-in to ensure that there will be no chance of disputes between two parties. This service is required when the new tenants are about to move in. The surveyor will come to the address and go through the contents along with the tenants, documenting the whole inventory. Including the state of the property in terms of cleanliness and hygiene. The check-in report will include thorough information about the state of the property’s contents/inventory before the tenants move in. The following are the service you can expect from the Check-in Inventory Services.


  • Lists details that might not have been listed previously in the Inventory documentation.
  • Meter Readings are verified in case the check-in is not done on the same day as Inventory Documentation.
  • The Tenant receives the property pictures.
  • The Keys are handed to the Tenant.