EPC (Energy Performance Certificate)

EPC Energy Performance Certificate

Energy Performance Certificate for Residential & Commercial Properties

An Energy Performance Certificate is essential if you are renting, building a property in the UK, or buying and selling.

If you are renting a property or looking for one, the most significant financial impact throughout your property’s lifetime will be energy. But can you determine how much energy your property will consume?

That’s where Energy Performance Certificates, EPC’s, come in.

What is an EPC?

The EPC indicator can determine if the house is energy efficient or deficient. It is similar to the coloured stickers you see on new domestic appliances, which indicates how energy efficient the device is. The ratings vary from A, indicating very efficient, to G, as most inefficient.

The purpose of the EPC is to give an estimate of how much will it cost you to heat and light the property, and how much C0₂ the property emits.

What more can it tell me?

The EPC indicates the building’s thermal properties as an indication to renters or potential buyers of the changes they can make to improve the efficiency of the property to reduce their electricity bills. This includes installing insulation or switching to efficient lightbulbs.

The EPC is used to not only direct what changes are to be made but also what else can improve energy-efficient ratings. Hence, energy improvements can save you a lot of money over time. Additionally, the EPC showcases how energy–efficient the house is to your potential buyers and tenants.

Residential EPC

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